Monday, August 9, 2010

God Cannot Lie

God cannot lie. His promises are unchangeable and certain. There is a liar and his name is Satan. His aim is your unbelief in the gracious promises of God which have been gaurenteed in Christ. He will do anything to make you fearful, doubtful, and restless in your faith. But the promises stand true. Those who come to Jesus will never be cast out. As the great hymn says, all the fitness he requires is to feel your need of him. Do not try to quench that need with efforts to feel good about yourself. Don't try to seek your own righteousness but appeal to the perfection of Christ as the eternal source of salvation. Find all your acceptance before God there and nowhere else. Glory only in the cross that saves you. This grace is free. Receive it and live.

The Open Throne

The throne of grace is open. Go to it with all your worries and fears. All of God's favor and mercy in all your circumstances is assured because of Christ. Do not let Satan's lies keep you from appealing to this resource of infinite benefits. See Jesus Christ who paid the penalty of mountains of sin and rest in his finished work. There is no promise of God that you cannot claim. They all find their yes in Jesus. There is nothing but help to be had in your times of need. He is a merciful and faithful high priest who never fails in his role as your substitute and advocate. Trust him.